Trasmecam S.p.A. is one of the biggest companies in Italy, leading in mechanical transmission units, internal transport, lifting, motorizing and activation.

The company has been able to grow and establish itself with great professionalism in all areas that require high technical performances products, becoming a point of reference for automated systems manufacturers and for the largest national and international companies of: food, confectionery , automotive, aerospace, mechanical, chemical, textile, pharmaceutical and household appliances.

We introduced ourselves on the market through advanced features, historical corporate values, recognized warranty and professionalism.

We offer a specific technical support thanks to a continual analysis of processes. Our aim is to find more and more specialized resources to give solutions suited to the needs of each customer.

The company policy is based on 5 key points:

  1. To assist the customer during the design phase
  2. To cooperate with the maintainers to improve plant efficiency
  3. To provide the best prices for products that are more and more reliable and technologically advanced
  4. To ensure optimum availability
  5. To ensure prompt delivery service

The roots of success: experience and professionalism.

The company was born on 1918, when founder G. Mazzocco, with gaining experience in the field of technical maintenance and assembly, decided to open a shop of technical items including a product range of the Swedish company SKF, absolutely futuristic for its time. In 1930 the company was converted into a sole proprietorships and the innovator Antonio Mazzocco, with foreseeing the evolving of the times, brings the company to be specialized in the field of mechanical transmissions. This initiative was further developed by his successors Giorgio, Vittorio, Ettore and Aldo Mazzocco, adding to the products range also components of internal transports, lifting, motorizing and activation. In 1983 the company moved to its new Headquarters, located in the center of the most important South Central industrial and highway junction, where it still is under the name of Trasmecam SpA.

Our structure:

The company is on an area of 1,600 square meters, used as warehouses with a modern equipment for handling products, with 1,000 square meters designed to the Commercial and Administrative departments and two meeting rooms: the “Sala Italy”, used for technical update of the staff and the “Sala Europa”, reserved for client meetings. The Trasmecam S.p.A. has also three service centers: one for the vulcanization of the tapes, a second for the personalization of the motorizations and the third for the cutting of modular profiles.
The entire property is surrounded by an outdoor area of 5,000 square meters destined to green, to the car park and trucks park. For better optimization of business services, there are two divisions: the “TST” (Transmissions, Lifting and Transport Ground) located in the shed and the “AM” (air transport and transport tape and Chains Modular), located in the shed B.
A so divided structure can follow in an appropriate ways the major national and international groups that operate in the food, confectionery, automotive, aerospace, mechanical, chemical, textile, pharmaceutical and household appliances, the resource that we value the most: our customers!